Advancing the Mission


Data, advice and guidance for working up a plan and getting out the word  

Nurturing the Mind


Education, experience and systematic reflection, based on a transaction analysis of the relationship between theory-formation and humanitarian activation, North Star's solutions zero-in with GPS precision.

Taking the Initiative


Discover here an opportunity for participation in the synergistic creation of workable plans that chart the course, expands effectiveness and seizes opportunities for coming along side those not in positions of privilege.


Principle in the Praxis


Strategic Planning and Communications

Informational and Inspirational Ideas 
Principled and Practical Action​​ 

Expanding the Vision


A Worldview Testimony

Holistic Perspective

Spirit Wind

Behind the Scenes


 Global Education

 Tested Experience 

 Designful Imagination 

Gracious Lord, remember David,
How he made Thy house his care,
How he vowed to seek no pleasure
Till Thy house he should prepare.
Lord, remember his devotion;
Restless in his courts he trod
Till he found a habitation
Fit for Israel’s mighty God 

- The Psalter 1912